Get Useful Info About How to Submit Blog to Google, MSN and Yahoo search engine

Why should we submit our blogs to the search engines like Google search engine, Msn search engine and Yahoo search engine?

The most simple and obvious reason is that we want people to reach our blog when they search some specific information. For this we need our blogs to be indexed in the three most powerful search engine of the world and these three search engines are Google, Msn and Yahoo.

Especially new people or say new bloggers after creating a decent blogs with great content wonders how to submit their blogs to the search engines. Submitting to the search engine is very easy process. There are lots of search engines. Some people may say you to submit blogs to all kinds of search engines but I suggest don’t give a crap about those statements. If your blog get indexed well in these three big search engines then other will eventually link to your blog. So you will get your blog indexed for free in those crappy search engines. You should aim only to submit in this three search engines.

So how to submit blogs in these three Google, Msn and Yahoo search engines. I am going to baby sit you for a while, so don’t worry. I will write them down in very step to step instructions for you. You just follow them carefully and I am sure you will thank me later when you will see your blog indexed in these three search engine.

So here are the following steps of instruction for submitting blogs to Google, Msn and Yahoo search engine.

1. Submit blog to Google search engine

First visit

After you visit above site, you will get a form where you need to give URL of the blog. Give the URL of your blog which you wanted to get index in Google search engine and then write down the verification characters and click on the “Add URL” button. That’s it. After 2-3 days or after maximum of 1 week. It will show up in google. I got mine new blog called Make Money Online with Bidvertiser indexed in 2 days.

2. Submit blog to Msn search engine

First visit

After you visit above site, you will again find a form where you verify the characters and need give URL of the blog. Again submit your blog URL which you wanted to get index in Msn search engine and hit the button called “Submit URL”. That’s it. Msn too takes only few days to index the blogs. I got mine new blog indexed in 3 days in Msn and that’s too in very high position. When you will search make money online with bidvertiser, you will get my blog in 11th position, isn’t that good for a very new blog.

3. Submit blog to Yahoo search engine

First visit

After you visit above site, you will be taken to the new web page where there you will get an option “Submit your site for free”. Click on that link. It will take you to a new page where you can submit your blog as well as blog feed. You will need to login your yahoo account to this work.

I hope you understand all the points. If you find hard following then steps the you can visit another post on add blog to Msn search engine where the instructions are explained through pictures. It will be easy for you to understand.

If you are looking for web traffic – then this is just about knowing HOW to do that.

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