Create Impact And Save Lives

Want to know what happened as a result of my going to the Impact Event in Philly?

They say that going to live events is where it’s at! I concur.

Ken McArthur, suddenly thrust me into a team of action takers. This is something very special and you can be a part of it too.

I have joined forces with Ken McArthur, and a host of other great folks (*Ken and Frank Sousa, two gentle kind children of God there in the picture with me) to reach out and save the lives of teens who are committing suicide at the rate of 3 per 60 seconds.

Ken has inspired an entire team of individuals, including myself, to reach millions of people and create an awareness like never before.

Whether you know someone that has been affected by suicide or not, you can be a part of this life-changing event by spreading the word! Help us to stop suicide amongst teens. Spread the word, post your stories and resources. Let’s talk about it! Let’s be about it!

All women with teenage children should be involved. One of my college professors once told me “If you don’t have something to stand for, you’ll fall for anything.” Don’t just sit there! Create some IMPACT! Join the mission!

Visit, tweet, digg, sphin, get the word out… SPEAKUPSAVELIVES.ORG

Author: DebGeorge

Deb George has intentions. Her intentions are very specific: help thousands of women to become profitable online internet marketers.

5 thoughts on “Create Impact And Save Lives”

  1. Deb — hiya good looking!

    I soooo loved looking at your site… its obvious that you HAVE been doing your homework. I’m glad I’ve met you at the END of your struggles, and I hope that things truly do begin to take shape!

    I know I don’t fit your demographic exactly (of course, I AM the father of four daughters and I am the ONLY standing male in the line-up of my wife, her sister, two nieces and my mom-in-law — so I represent a lotta estrogen! : )

    I’m at the very beginning of my struggle to have an on-line presence. When I do get a site up and running, I hope it is as informative, well-crafted and genuine as yours!

    Keep up the GREAT work Ms. George

    Jon Ryan
    (P.S. I had a good time working with you and mary at the boot camp… do you know if any of those pictures are available?)

  2. @Jonathon Ryan
    Man, you are heaven sent. With all those GREAT hugs you gave me, I certainly don’t mind your “XY chromosomes” poking around here 🙂 I certainly know that you represent a spirit of enlightenment. Thank you for the comments and I look forward to working with you in the future.


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